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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tour fuel record & more Observations

ODO    Fuel   Trip   Place
14278  26.1   0      Near Home (Do not include)
14553  31.3   275    Bairnsdale
14798  32.6   245    Cann River
15023  33.65  225    Bermaguie
15349  37.02  326    Bega ***
15528  22.7   179    Cann River
15767  31.94  329    Sale
15995  26.68  228    Village Loch
16095  12     100    Home (fuel estimate)

You can see after our scare coming back into Bega we filled a bit sooner than normal on the next one.

The road from South Durras to Eden was a pleasant drive.

The PHEV doesn't have great range when towing but with only a 45 liter tank a couple of Jerry cans would get close to doubling its range. That said, a range of around 300 km is fine for us at the moment.

I always hit "Charge" as soon as departing a site. The battery might then last anywhere from 250km (first day) to 100 km depending on terrain. The hillier it is, the less likely that the battery will last. When the battery bars disappear, the engine is much more likely to drop out of direct-to-road mode and run as a pure generator for a couple of minutes or so - and when climbing.

We had a running joke for the first 6 days that I never remembered to plug on the OBD2 dongle. I rightly am not allowed to fiddle with EvBatMon while driving but Mrs. EV managed to get a few figures of interest.
When the battery bars are gone, the PHEV will not let the battery drop below around 24% SOC (real). It then charges it up to around 29 to 30% then drops back to direct-to-road (parallel hybrid). On the flat and level at 100 km/h it manages to hold battery level without going into series hybrid (generator mode).

So the PHEV takes good care of the battery pack even though the bars rarely come back when travelling at speed. The battery range can get up to about 4 km when cruising around a township looking for the caravan park. I generally turn "Charge" off at this point so we can run EV into the park.

Once more thing. It is REALLY unusual for me to have to use brakes at all when on the highway. Even down the mountains - B5 regen handles it all. I did dial the caravan brakes (via electric brake controller) down to 0 once or twice so I could touch the brake peddle for more regen. A bit Anal really and I understand the dangers of doing it (a momentary button would be nice).

Caravan distance: ~1817km.

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