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Friday, March 24, 2017

Long Weekend - Short trip

On the long weekend in Victoria, we took the van to Seymour - about 110km north of home.
The trip was uneventful, with the PHEV just able to maintain charge while we traveled about 100km/h.

The Goulburn River Caravan Park at Seymour.

We had a meeting in Shepparton - about 80km further on so left the van at Seymour and drove up and back to Shepparton the following day.
Towing economy was 12.1 l/100km and non-towing was 6.1 l/100km - at least for the trip up to Shepparton. The trip back was 10.2 l/100km.
Everyone but us cleared out early Monday morning. We stuck around until about midday.

I parked the PHEV in as close to a tree as possible so kids couldn't squeeze between the vehicle and the tree and bend the charge flap (known problem). It also helped to hide the charge cable so we avoided any issues...

I have bought a new OBD2 dongle which works fine but didn't get a chance to monitor anything yet.
Filled at Seymour. ODO 13961. 28.45 L.
Caravan distance: 240km.

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