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Monday, January 9, 2017

Why the PHEV?

Our previous caravan tow-car was a 1967 Humber Super Snipe. We had it for 17 years and it towed our first two caravans (campers), a Goldstream Star II and later a Goldstream Storm.

The Humber dragged them safely and reliably up to Coffs Harbour (we are in Melbourne), the Blue Mountains near Sydney and various other places up the east coast of Australia.

The picture show (some of) us with the Super Snipe and Star II camper with the Parkes Radio telescope visible in the distant background.

The Super Snipe had no air conditioning so with that and Vinyl seats (faux leather?), it wasn't comfortable in the summer heat - especially long trips inland.

We recently sold the Super Snipe, still going strong, to someone who we know will take good car of her. Curiously they will be towing an A-Van.

With the kids pretty much not wanting to go caravaning any more we looked hard and finally decided to sell the Goldstream Storm and buy a camper without the pull-out beds - the Goldstream Crown. It will be easier to setup with only two of us. Our Crown will be ready for pick-up in mid February 2017.

Since my daily driver is a DIY Electric ( and Mrs EV's car is a Honda Insight (hybrid) we needed a tow car.
Mrs EV had been toying with the idea of replacing the Insight with a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) so she could be 100% electric for her drive to/from work - but didn't really like the idea of such a big vehicle for day-to-day travel. We both have difficulties with folk who drive around in 2 tonne plus vehicles with one person in them - perhaps a bit harsh but we didn't want to join the SUV/4WD commuter crowd.

So the idea of getting a PHEV and replacing the Super Snipe in the garage and using the PHEV for towing (and a spare for the 0.1% times I need longer range) was interesting. Add to that, it's an ideal vehicle to sit around with the petrol motor not running since it's designed to be a car where the petrol motor doesn't run for long periods of time. So the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - kind of had us hooked.

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